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  • I am extremely honored to offer this vehicle for sale and at the same time saddened. This very rare (maybe two in the world) 1978 Esprit with a V8 engine was owned by a very good friend who passed away a few months ago. It was his wishes for me to handle the sale of the vehicle so as not to burden his wife with it. My friend raced for Lotus for many years and had an opportunity to own this car with the help of Lotus. The conversion on this car was done by a very well known Lotus aficionado. The "Claudius Esprit" was retrofitted with the all-aluminum 215 cubic inches GM V8. The "Wishbone" chassis was upgraded to withstand the horsepower of the engine as well as the cooling system which used 4 cooling fans rather than the 3 in the standard Esprit. A high volume Dooley Industries 7-quart oil pan was used and a high flow oil pump rather than a high-pressure pump. We have recently had AAG do a complete inspection of the car for seriously interested parties to review.     
    Click below to visit Greg Maxwell Motors online or go to to see more pictures of this vehicle or call us at 830-367-3555 today to schedule your test drive.

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