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What is it like to Consign your vehicle with Greg?  

Greg has been in the car business since 1982 and brings years of experience and knowledge into appraising, buying and selling vehicles.  Greg's car business philosophy stems from the honesty & integrity he would expect if he were in his customer's position.  

Greg Maxwell's House of Steel only sells/consigns the most pristine street ready automobiles.  His inventory speaks for itself. If your vehicle is of this quality we would like to speak with you.  

When consigning your vehicle through Greg Maxwell's House of Steel it will be aggressively advertised through this website, Greg Maxwell Motors website, and nationally through other avenues as well as social media.  We use a professional photographer to help make your vehicle shine.  Check out her work on our Partner's Page.

Consigning your vehicle through a reputable dealer not only saves you on auction costs, but allows a trusted dealer to handle all the negotiations, paperwork, and transportation arrangements involved in the sale of your prized vehicle.  

What it costs to consign your vehicle with Greg Maxwell's House of Steel:  

Fees:  A $200.00 upfront consignment fee is required to list your vehicle.  

Commissions:  A 5% fee is charged upon the sale of your vehicle with $1000 being the minimum charge. 

Documentation Required:  Documents chronicling the history your vehicle will be an asset to the sale, as well as documenting the vehicle's story.  Anything you may have is worth telling.  

If you have a unique vehicle you would like to consign contact Greg to discuss the opportunities at his Office 830-367-3555, or his Cell 830-377-2903, or through email at: 

Interested in taking the next step? - 

Click here to fill out the form and press send to email your information to Greg Maxwell's House of Steel!

What Our Consignor's Say:

Thanks! Message sent.

I could not have picked a better place & a better person than Greg Maxwell to facilitate the sale of my beloved corvette.  This car was very special to me and Greg handled the sale thoughtfully and with great care and found a perfect new home for my car.   Thanks!  Elle

2013 Corvette 427 Convertible

December 05, 2018

Greg, I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did selling my corvette.  As I told you when we started this process, I have always sold my vehicles myself, but this time wanted some outside help.  I must tell you the experience was great.  you handled everything from photos, listings, fielding calls and making the final sale.  You worked out all the details with the new owner and completed all the necessary paper work.  Together we made the trip to deliver the car, which required a lot of your time.  The whole process was totally painless because of all the work you put in.  Thanks again for all your hard work.  If I'm looking for another car or have one to sell I will be calling you!

Thanks, Jim

1965 Mustang

July 07, 2017

Thank you Greg for making the sale of my 1965 Mustang an easy deal.  I appreciated knowing I didn't have to handle the negotiations or paperwork.  It's just not my thing.  You took the apprehension away and made the process so easy and for a lot less than listing at an auction.  Now I can move on to my next dream car!  Thank you!

1965 Corvette

January 02, 2017

I entrusted my 1965 Corvette to Greg as a consignment.  He not only sold my vehicle at a competitive fair price but he arranged the transportation for this vehicle to the customer.  This was the smoothest, most effortless sale I have ever not had to be involved with.  Thank you for making this process so easy and for your diligence in getting my vehicle sold!

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