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1957 Chevrolet Fury Gold Anodized Trim


Fewer than 500 units divided Buick's third place to Plymouth's fourth in the 1956 sales race.  Best yet, Chrysler Corporation had a big surprise for competitors for 1957: truly all new cars, not just a rehash or redo or a re-skin.  Lower, longer and wider with long and high tail fins, big windshields, and spectacular styling by the design teams headed up by Virgil Exner.  It resulted in a third place score for Plymouth, with sales soaring past Buick.  With just under 7,500 sales was the Plymouth Fury two-door hardtop, this time with 318 cid and a full 290 hp, once again available only in white with gold anodized trim.  The Fury was a genuine up-scale muscle machine intended for fewer buyers when compared to Ford's now newly upscale Fairlane 500 and Chevrolet's Bel Air, and it did it job of being a "halo" car to bring punters into the dealership.

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