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Greg Maxwell Motors is proud to offer this beautiful and well-maintained 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano F1 for sale. Styled by Pininfarina under the direction of Jason Castriota, the 599 GTB debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in February 2006. The bodywork features optimized aerodynamics with distinct sail panels flanking the rear window, directing and maximizing airflow to a linear rear nolder.

The 599 is named for its total engine displacement 5,999 cc (6.0 L), Gran Turismo Berlinetta nature, and the Fiorano Circuit test track used by Ferrari.
The 6.0 L (5,999 cc) Tipo F140 C V12 engine utilized in the 599 produces a maximum power output of 612 hp (456 kW; 620 PS) between 7,600 rpm to 8,400 rpm, which made it the most powerful series-production Ferrari road car at the time of its introduction. When introduced, the engine was one of the few engines whose output exceeded 100 hp (75 kW; 101 PS) per liter of displacement without the use of forced induction such as supercharging or turbocharging. It's 448 lbs·ft (608 N·m) of torque produced at 5,600 rpm was also a record for Ferrari's GT cars at the time. Most of the modifications to the engine were done to allow it to fit in the 599's engine bay (the original version used in the Ferrari Enzo would be taller and would block forward vision due to its mid-mounted position construction).


A traditional 6-speed manual transmission was offered, as well as Ferrari's 6-speed automated manual paddle-shift transmission called "F1 SuperFast" which had a shift time of 100 milliseconds in the standard 599 or 85 milliseconds if equipped with the HGTE package.[9][10] The 599 also saw the debut of Ferrari's new traction control system, F1-Trac. The vast majority of the 599 GTB's were equipped with the automated manual gearbox as opposed to the 6-speed manual gearbox. Only 30 examples were produced with a manual gearbox of which 20 were destined to the United States and 10 remained in Europe leading Ferrari to abandon the use of the manual transmission in its future GT cars.[11][12] 599 GTB Fiorano was the last V12-engined Ferrari to be equipped with manual transmission.


The 599 saw the use of an aluminum chassis for the first time in a Ferrari GT car, as opposed to the tubular steel chassis used in its predecessors. The new chassis results in more rigidity and contributes to the low dry weight of 1,690 kg (3,726 lb) as compared to its predecessor, the 575M. The 599 boasts a longer wheelbase than its predecessor and the fuel tank is positioned at the rear in a mid-mounted position for better weight distribution. Due to such measures, the 599 has a claimed power to weight ratio of 367 PS per tonne.


The 599 utilizes magnetorheological semi-active dampers along with its suspension coils. The dampers function by a liquid within the damper reservoir which when subject to the magnetic field within the liquid chamber changes its viscosity. The function of the liquid along with the reaction and stability control are controlled through a knob on the steering wheel. The 599 came with cast iron brakes as standard while the carbon-ceramic brakes (a technology that was scarcely utilized in road cars at the time) were available as an option. The rotors measured 398 mm (15.7 in) at the front and 360 mm (14 in) at the rear.


The 599 came with a luxurious leather-trimmed interior. The driver's seat was positioned slightly towards the center in order to provide a better driving position. The instrument cluster was a combination of analog gauges and screens. The shift paddles could either be optioned in aluminum or in carbon fiber and were affixed to the steering column. The three-spoke steering wheel housed controls for the car's electronic systems as well as a starter button. The interior has a glove box, storage space in the door panels, and a combination of simple dials and buttons for operating the stereo, climate control, and air conditioning. The car has a rear shelf and a boot lid providing adequate boot space.


The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE (HGTE being an abbreviation of Handling Gran Turismo Evoluzione) is an upgrade package for the 599 designed to improve the car's handling. It includes a modified set-up with stiffer springs and rear anti-roll bar as well as new calibration settings for the Delphi MagneRide magneto-rheological shock absorbers when the manettino is at its sportier settings. The ride height has also been lowered, resulting in a low center of gravity. The package also includes optimized tires featuring a compound that offers improved grip. The car's electronic systems were also changed. The gearbox's shift times were faster in high-performance settings, while new engine software provided an improved response. The exhaust was modified to produce a more marked and thrilling sound under hard usage while still delivering the right comfort levels at cruising speed. The exterior and interior were upgraded with more carbon fiber components and the car also included new 20-inch wheels.

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