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Forty years ago, Porsche introduced the first 911 at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show. Now four decades later, Porsche is celebrating the momentous occasion with a special 40th Anniversary 911 in recognition of the 1963 debut. The commemorative model is based on the current rear-wheel-drive Porsche 911 Carrera but offers 25 more horsepower (for a total of 340) from its 3.6-liter flat-six, aggressive sport suspension settings, and a mechanical rear-axle differential lock. Special exterior styling cues include the same silver metallic paint color used on the Carrera GT, a 911 Turbo-style front end, an aluminum "911" logo on the engine cover (in place of “Carrera”), and polished 18-inch wheels and tailpipes. Inside, the interior is trimmed in dark gray leather and is fitted with a silver-trimmed center console, seat backs, dashboard strips, and handbrake lever. Aluminum-accented instruments and a numbered "911 40th Anniversary" plaque on the center console round out the package. Porsche will produce only 1963 40th Anniversary 911 models.  

My car is #234 of 1963.  All of the cars were the same with the exception of seats, which were either sport or comfort sport seats.  This car has the comfort sports seats.  The engine is an X51 package, which produces 345 horsepower, within 20 h.p. of the GT3.  She is mechanically excellent, runs beautifully, and has no issues.  The stock 40th anniversary suspension is approximately 1.5" lower than the stock Carrera.  Look great too.  The color is one off Carrera GT Silver and is found only on the 40th anniversary 911's and the Carrera GT>  Interior is in excellent condition as well with no seat or dash issues.  Everything works as it should.  The distinguishing styling features include a front nose adapted from the Turbo, left and right sill trim, a 911 badge on the rear deck and interior console (numbered as well), and shot blasted, polished Carrera wheels.  Among other features are heated seats, aluminum interior trim package, and electric sunroof.  This car is a blast to drive, runs very strong with outstanding power, exceptional handling and Porsche reliability.  The Carfax is clean, as is the title.

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